joistmonkey - 2003-01-21 15:41:20
Hee hee - your 'NEMO' story reminded me of a similar (probably urban myth) blonde story a friend told me about his girlfriend who opened her car bonnet and found she had lost the cap of a tank she could remember seeing. She went to the garage and asked for this plastic cap, "Can I have a '710' cap please?" she said. Everyone laughed, and it turned out that it didn't say '710', it said (as with 'NEMO') 'OIL' :-)
Mike - 2003-01-21 15:57:48
I wish there was a Nemo playing for Liverpool. That would rock.
erin - 2003-01-22 11:22:34
whoo, whoo, whoo, whoo... Sir, we're the Tomato Squad. I'm going to have to ask to see that salad. If you'll just open the lid and step over here... Heh. New readers are delightful and it's interesting that I'm going to be reading both sides of the story. I never get to do that with anyone, and everyone gets to do it with Mike and I. *sigh* Hope everything's okay with K. *smile*

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