lenarose - 2003-01-26 12:35:26
When my parents were married, their honeymoon was a sort of road trip with many stops down the eastern coast of the U.S. (They're both from the north.) Now, this was in the seventies, and my dad looked like a hippie -- my mom did too, long hair and all -- and they were driving around in a red vw beetle. But my mom's like you -- three days and she talks like a native -- but my dad isn't. So they had incidents where they'd stop for gas, and she'd go into the gas station and talk with the attendant and buy chips or something, and he'd be in there complaining to her about these longhaired hippie freak yanks -- without realising she was married to the guy he was complaining about.
rach - 2003-01-26 21:40:33
hmm, well despite the fact that i can't figure out what the above story has to do with anything, i will rise above my confusion and continue on with my train of thought. oh yes, i was going to tell you that i'm so completely in awe of your vocabulary and in general the way you speak (well, write, since i don't really hear you talk thru the computer...yeah) but anyway, it boggles my mind how boring my speech is compared to urs, and i'm totally thinking of getting non-boring lessons or something. sigh. anywho, back to the blandness of illinois' dull speech. ...sigh...

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