Mike - 2003-01-28 21:10:06
you're in England and you're drinking Miller Light? Why oh why?
Dusti - 2003-01-28 21:14:05
you shouldn't be ANYWHERE in the world drinking Miller Light! YUCK!
lenarose - 2003-01-28 21:30:01
They beat me to it. I can't really imagine why anyone would drink /anything/ light, but if you're going to drink crappy American beer at least... err, don't. Drink crappy American malt liquor instead. (I recommend Steel Reserve, if it's imported there, because it's what some random one-eyed bum in Baltimore requested, and I guarantee it'll get you drunk.)
fleakitty - 2003-01-28 22:27:39
I think I misunderstood "one-eyed bum" on first reading. Luckily I read it twice more. I loved the revenge aspect to your post - both the inspired twitching and the genius leaflet campaign. I was recommending a friend get her officeworker's electricity/gas/phone at home cut off. You know, just to annoy the snappy cow. :D
fleakitty - 2003-01-28 22:28:57
Officeworker ex-friend's electricity/gas/phone.... etc.

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