dorkfysh - 2003-01-29 15:40:20
"Itís so geeky that even tank-top wearing anorak train spotters would sneer at me in a superior way" Oh sweet Puppett, funniest thing EVER! *giggle*
lenarose - 2003-01-29 17:17:47
oh, tell us, tell us, we won't laugh
rach - 2003-01-29 19:14:17
ok, now i'm super-curious to see if anyone can out-do my geekiness. pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease don't keep us in suspense forever!!! we might go out in depression and ... do something geeky. i don't know. so yeah, no fair messing with our brains like that. and when i say our, i speak for the people that read your diary, i'm not skitzin out and speaking for myselves...
inarticulate - 2003-01-29 19:43:05
Oh, come on, come on, I have to know! Don't be a tease! If you tell me in an e-mail, not only will I not tell, but I'll write in my diary about something similarly geeky that I've done.

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