joistmonkey - 2003-02-12 11:16:21
Was the book on 'The English' the one by Jeremy Paxman? I got half way through that last year, and should pick it up again. Did like his explanations for our lack of true national pride tho!!
Mike - 2003-02-12 11:28:24
I'd much rather eat pub food or a curry than whatever's made on TV cooking shows. I have no interest in "gourmet", really.
lenarose - 2003-02-12 16:40:30
Hey, to an American, curry is /very/ adventurous! And they do film bricklayers at work -- one at least, in Ground Force.
mea - 2003-02-18 02:38:01
what say i can get a list of favorite foods up? :D much luck to you with cunning plan!

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