Mike - 2003-03-03 07:54:27
Tea and the Smiths -- a winning combo! Glad to hear that you're unwinding a bit, though, and that things with K are improving.
joistmonkey - 2003-03-03 10:59:59
You're right about that - it is best to feel happy. The seven dwarves were in the bath feeling happy, but then he got out and they felt grumpy :-) Sorry to hear you're under the weather, hope the time off does you some goodness n'that.
mea - 2003-03-03 11:33:13
(((hugz))) mr. puppett. that's a nice mug you've got there..i have a weakness for coffee mugs, myself. the other day i was in the hardware store buying paint and they had these cheap-o mugs for a buck a piece on the shelf. i looked at this blue one until i liked it..LOL. i'll have to start throwing them out before i can buy anymore!
lenarose - 2003-03-03 15:47:51
"...and so I smoke a pint of tea a day..."
fleakitty - 2003-03-03 17:54:07
Have also slunk under the radar. Deleted my entire blog for similar reasons. (Reactivated it last night sorta.) I can now be found at if you're looking for a bit of a read. Chin up, Puppett. That way you can see the stars!
Dusti - 2003-03-03 22:06:34
I, for a Texan, am way into tea. I love hot tea, which is also weird for a Texan. I drink 2-3 mugs a day! :)

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