dusti - 2003-03-08 09:52:38
Yay! I am glad you flew. (Like a cookoo) jk! It seems to really lift your spirits, and in times like these, we all need that, right? Good luck in your new endeavor! -Dusti
mea - 2003-03-11 01:41:24
i can remember the feeling in my legs that i am so far above the earth, you know? that feeling was just damn freaky and i didn't like to dwell on it at all. just as you were describing your adventure, i had that same feeling thinking about my 4 times's just freaky, man! // sounds like you had an awesome time, though! :-D
rach - 2003-03-19 20:02:09
i'm so jealous! that's so cool that you got to fly! i'm feeling...inspired! or maybe i'm just dizzy from trying to bite my ear.

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