joistmonkey - 2003-03-16 16:59:36
surely the last taboo is killing them, fecking them and then eating them, ahah? Oops, sorry - I forgot that sort of thing is normal in Chesterfieldshire :-)
erin - 2003-03-24 20:35:34
Heh. The other day I wanted to try to feed some flakes of fried fish to our real, living fish to see if they were cannibals or not. Alas, Mike had to say that since it was a different species, it didn't count. I think that's a lot of nonsense, though. They're meanie cannibals! Stupid fish! (Mike's freakish one is the first one down the toilet! Well, the only one.) So. Feel okay, a'ight, or I will be forced to leave more lengthy nonsensical messages.
joistmonkey - 2003-03-29 18:49:05
I remember being particularly excited when I was a young man and I had the pleasure of eating a packed lunch on a wall in Kenya*. I took great pleasure in successfully feeding boiled eggs and cooked chicken to the hens that were pecking around my feet and annoying me. That's true cannibalism, I guess, even though the poor birds were so scrawny that they would have eaten anything.

*Yes, I know the fact I was in Kenya is utterly irrelevant to the anecdote, but I thought I'd boast about it for no reason anyhow, as I have drank a lot this evening.
fleakitty - 2003-03-31 04:43:18
Sorry to hear you've been feeling so low. If it's any consolation (it won't be), everyone seems to be, and definitely I have been. In lighter news, I fed chicken to the pigeons, seagulls and an ibis in Derelict Park (my name for it) the other week. Birds is birds is birds and I think they must have mad bird's disease already. They were crazy to eat it!
fleakitty - 2003-03-31 04:50:01
PS: New McDonalds ad on TV here - "Australia's beef patties certified Export Grade." (Shit! So they weren't always?) And I don't know what's funnier - that they only just stopped short of stating their 'point' - or that they had the hide (pun!) to call the all-beef patties "beef".
Kathy - 2003-04-03 10:32:21
Time to let us know how you are!!!
mea - 2003-04-04 16:25:28
i'm seconding kathy, here: YEAH. // puppett, man, i finally put up a hand written entry!! // sure hope you are ok.
inarticulate - 2003-04-06 22:17:55
That's so funny it's like something you'd see on British TV. Sorry to hear you've been gloomy. Hope things improve (though perhaps not so much that you stop writing).

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