lenarose - 2003-04-24 17:09:49
Actually, it amazes me too. I'm not even British, but when watching the British shows on tv, your regional accents are all different enough that while I can't tell where people are from, I can tell that they're from different areas. I think this is amazing... especially because England is so small. And the U.S.'s regional accents are... well... a lot less significant and a lot less varied really. Certainly less well represented in the media.
rach - 2003-04-24 21:22:45
You should write a dictionary for all the befuddled Americans who read your wonderful diary.. Or just for me, cuz I'm so obsessed with the new and cool phrases I yoink from you.
fysh - 2003-04-25 01:14:38
awww...thanks! I shall start calling everyone "love" in honor of my father who hailed from Manchester

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