dorkfysh - 2003-04-28 01:28:28
ew...A Clockwork Orange?
LA - 2003-04-28 04:31:40
I know for certain it's "A Clockwork Orange". And yeah, too often Mike takes on one of those stupid jobs. When I bring up the hourly wage and how he'd have been better off manning a register at the 7-11, he grins sheepishly and tells me that's why I'm the business manager. Fat lot of good my title does when he's out agreeing to do stupid, lose money jobs all the time. Thank God I get to negotiate and write up the big proposals and contracts. But as you say, maybe these loser jobs pay off in karma. ~LA
fleakitty - 2003-04-28 11:44:48
That indeterminate sense of foreboding (?) you wrote about sounded a lot like the initial stages of an anxiety or panic attack to me. If so, try to keep your stress levels very low, and especially don't deny yourself any truths you feel a bit frightened to face. I can see the 'making bunny rabbits' one ain't much of a fear though! :-p

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