LA - 2003-05-07 20:22:32
Good luck! Hope your doc says you're a total nutter and you need disability payments, good drugs, and the rest of your life off from work. ~LA
lena - 2003-05-07 23:34:37
I thought if you were British you could stay home with a big wolfhound and drink beer and be bone idle. Maybe I've just seen too much Keeping Up Appearances.
joistmonkey - 2003-05-08 00:56:22
Ooh dear, you have me concerned about myself now because I have managed to reach number twelve ("I end alone and crazy up in a council bedsit just like the one Tommy from Trainspotting ended up in.") without doing many/any of the previous eleven! I think I'm going top have to eat some cherry mousse to cheer myself up :-)
Kathy - 2003-05-08 17:15:36
Shriners are group members to an organization known as "Masons" It's like the Catholic "Knights of Columbus" group. You know...old guys who sit in bars and have fundraisers for charities. They wear fezzes. Seriously. I have a friend who drives a tiny little car for the Shriners in parades. Very goofy stuff!

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