LA - 2003-05-18 07:59:05
You don't ask directions? I'm a bit disappointed. But at least you had the sense to call K. See, one of the reasons I fell even harder for Mike was his willingness to ask the first sign of being lost! Stark comparison to the ex who drove us around in circles for FOUR HOURS in the 112 degree afternoon sun looking for the theater he'd spotted in the paper which was playing a 24 hour marathon of "Resevoir Dogs". Me almost passing out from dehydration and him getting mad enough to make me fear violence. (He didn't hit me that day. The violence came later in the marriage.) To me, forever and ever, guys who ask directions are the REAL men. Not ego biggety bullying little boys who worry so much about their pride and their balls they can't do anything but ridiculously defend both. Sorry for the flashback and the lecture. Say Hi to the islanders and K for me. ~LA
Deb - 2003-05-18 11:44:56
My dad would disappear into the garage for hours in the evening and on weekends. I think it was for the same reason even if the shows on the tv have changed. Never did know what he did in there.
Mike - 2003-05-18 12:34:45
(a) I have no aversion to asking directions, but I will generally try to get un-lost on my own first. (b) enjoy the island!, and (c) "Saved By The Bell" has infiltrated the UK? You poor thing.

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