Katherine - 2003-05-22 17:24:14
You were darling then and you're DARLING NOW!!! Puhleeze. The baby has probably changed a bit but you've remained fresh and lovely. And what a dapper chin you have, Puppett.
LA - 2003-05-22 18:15:43
Sorry, Katherine, it's the EYES! Washy Teutonic types here, not a decent pair of liquid browny black eyes in this bunch. Not even me, who's half gypsy. Puppett dear, you got a gorgeous pair of peepers. Tell K she's got nothing to fear from me with all this fawning, it's just I'm a sucker for pretty eyes. ~LA the green eyed who married a hazel and produced grey eyed offspring.
dorkfysh - 2003-05-22 21:30:42
Holy Crap! You look EXACTLY like I pictured you. Imagine that.
lena - 2003-05-23 00:26:41
Hee. Frightening. I have both of those shirts, too.
dusti - 2003-05-25 18:05:24
you do look like I thought you would look. Isnt' that creepy? ;) A normal sort of puppett look, I guess. I think my hubbie has both of those shirts as well. :) somethings are universal.
erin - 2003-05-30 21:42:31
You know, I never pictured you... I have this bad habit of not picturing what I think people look like. And, furthermore, I wish I was British so I could say "wellies" and not sound silly. *grin*
mea - 2003-06-01 04:49:32
in my imagination you wore curly light brown hair. i don't know specifically WHY that was just always cool to see pics!

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