mea - 2003-06-15 03:13:26
hey :-) i still wouldn't choose to fly, but you did make it sound awfully fun to be at the controls!
rach - 2003-06-15 15:53:18
wow, flying sounds fun. i know what you mean about flying with your arms. it is somewhat a boy thing, but i used to play with my little brother a lot, so i kinda got into the whole airplane thing, and the way you spelled "neeeeoooooow" made me know exactly what you were talking about. wow. anywho. just thought i'd let you know that your not alone, though you probably already knew that. i'm just espcially good at stating the obvious, i suppose. it's a rare talent, you know. bwa ha ha. ... well.. the end.
joistmonkey - 2003-06-16 16:13:30
The best childhood flying expereince wasn't just the 'arms outstretched' flying thing, it was the sport - on windy days - of hoisting your arms up above your head with your coat in your hands, to produce a 'sail' that you could be blown across the playground with. Many a grazed arse from that game :-)

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