Kathy - 2003-07-19 18:01:44
Could be could have to wear pantyhose! Now that's one of those "office laws" that needs to be gotten rid of. You go! My little rebel friend!
lenarose - 2003-07-19 18:56:30
I thought it was going to be, "I'll wear a tie... and nothing else."
joistmonkey - 2003-07-20 13:53:43
This weekend I deliberately pretended to have fallen asleep on a train to 'miss my stop' and travel an extra couple of stations - because I had sorted a lift out from a different place. As long as there are revolting people like you and I, the world is OK!
mea - 2003-07-27 03:49:42
free thinking is ironically one of the priciest things going. :-) // i just couldn't think of anything else to say..! have fun with that tie, now!

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