inarticulate - 2003-08-23 21:08:18
Ack! Tractors and Atkins, oh my! Atkins doesn't suit me because of all the ridiculous restrictions on fruits and sweet veggies. I think you're better off on a no sugar, no flour diet. Of course this is all theoretical on my part. I don't mind dieting as long as they don't take away my cheeseburgers and Pepsi. Meanwhile, glad to hear you're a Boggle player. They have a version online at Yahoo; we should play sometime.
LA - 2003-08-24 10:31:50
Been missing you! ~LA
inarticulate - 2003-08-25 18:42:11
Am totally up for the Boggle league. LA's right--let's wait a week and then set a regular date. Yes?

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