Mike - 2003-09-25 17:35:15
Throw the DVD up against a stone wall -- works with DVDs and those annoying free AOL CDs alike. Oh, and I have now filled out my own survey, go have a look see.
Kathy - 2003-09-25 17:35:50
It's about time you're happy! No, really...congratulations on the happy thing!
erin - 2003-09-25 22:34:17
Stomp on it. Immensely satisfying. Thanks for the comment. You know which one.
lenarose - 2003-09-25 22:35:09
Wuhoo! Great to hear you're doing so well! I heard that if you microwave cds they make lovely arcing sparks, but I've never tried it. I suspect it would work well with DVDs too. Other than that, heat it very gently and very slowly in your oven, and then sort of fold it around with the edges up like -- did you ever make paper fortune tellers, where you fold it and then stick in your fingers and count numbers, and pull back a flap? kind of like that -- and hang it in your window to reflect rainbows.
LA - 2003-09-26 11:35:36
Twirling in gentle little circles and humming like Pooh, "Mmmm...mmmm...happy...good people I adore are happy...mmmm...mmmm..." ~LA

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