Kathy - 2003-09-28 10:01:54
Oh dear. I hope "lughole" is the hole that I'm thinking it is because lordy, if it's a different hole well, then, you are a medical wonder and my - wouldn't that hurt to have that hole totally plugged up! I'm looking forward to the Travelogue!!!
Jill - 2003-09-28 16:38:27
hmmm. thats uber yucky! haha u dont kno me im just randomly lookin at peeps diarys (im extra bored). so yea hope ur ear gets better. haha!
lenarose - 2003-09-28 22:02:14
Hydrogen peroxide is great for that, plus it feels/sounds weird and fizzy. But you need to warm it up first or else it hurts...

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