LA - 2003-10-25 00:01:52
Dear British Guy, To answer. A derby is a hat. Very much like a bowler only taller and rounder. Some people call both and/or either style of hat a "derby" or a "bowler" depending on age and nationality. And a bindle is a bundle slung on a stick. Traditionally, hobos tie up their few worldly goods in a large bandana or spotted handkerchief, hang it from the end of a stick and carry it over their shoulder. A bindle is a bundle on a spindle. Have a few and say THAT 10 times fast! Heh, a friend just bought a Jag and we had a laugh because her "owner's books" were in the "boot" next to the spare "tyre" and not in the glove box, as the Jag doesn't HAVE a glove box, it has an airbag there instead. Here we'd say, "Yo! Da manuals are in da trunk next to da spare tire 'cause dis car ain't got no glove compartment." Etymologically yours, ~LA
erin - 2003-10-25 01:27:26
Scary. Dogs kind of freak me out.

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