LA - 2003-11-04 18:04:23
Okay, you're learning. The A #1 Rule of Women is: When the man is near an ex (even if it's her FUNERAL) he must then smother his darling with sex, compliments, and romance. He must make certain that his love of life knows she is THE most wonderful, adorable, smokingly hot babe on the planet. And if the subject of the ex comes up the only correct answer is, "EX? Ugh! Do you realise she had me fooled into believing she was a human at one time? But I know the truth, she is really a troll. I suggested she find a bridge to live under." ~LA
erin - 2003-11-05 17:24:02
You know, the other comment is exactly and entirely true. One time I saw a picture of Mike's ex and I was like "She's really cute" and he didn't say anything back to me for a few minutes. I still think about that and feel Very Bitter. And, yes, Burroughs is cool *and* weird.

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