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a day in the life

So I reckon its time for a day in the life.

wot do I do in the morning if off work.

wake up, If K there kiss her and snuggle up. go downstairs make tea, go the loo. go back 2 bed and drink tea.

go downstairs, put some music on really loud If i'm alone I usually play stuff tha K dont like coz it doesnt seem fair to inflict the Smiths/king Crimson on her.( if K and kids are home they will have the TV on, usually some dire american pap).

then I pootle about in my PJ's talk to the cats and decide wot to do for the rest of the day, this seems to involve a lot of staring into space while my mind wanders around on its own.

I should then go to the gym but that often doesnt happen, I seem to see few people nowadays which is a bit sad. all my friends live 40 miles away and it may aswell be 400, i phone um (short calls coz I'm a bloke) and email um but we never seem to get out to the pub.

anyway in the afternoon I may wander into town if the junk market is on then have a pint in the pub.

do you know as I'm writing this i'm realising how little I do with my life, I pootle around with bits of wood etc but that doesn't amount to a lot.

the fact is that work takes so much from me that I like to sit and play my guitar read books and go the pub, I sometimes get out for a bit of a walk.

right I'm off before it all gets whingy.

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