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sometimes I wish I liked football

but I 'm not a pack animal

but it must be good the certainty, to think a player is god if he plays for your team but shite if he moves.

and to never doubt this.

I suppose its like religion, a losing of the self in a greater being.

becoming human coral.

I am going to become content, I dont need stuff, I could give all my stuff away and not be bothered, It seems to be experiences I crave.

but I always want the next one not the one I'm having.

want computer job

get it

dont want it

want shift work

get it

guess wot?

dont want it.

I could repeat this a hundred times from the past and probably a hundred in the future.

so I'm going to be content, and then I wont piss K off.

I think im just too nosy to be content, I always want to see wants round the next corner so I will have to stop looking.

dont want to end up like my bodach though, he stopped pubs, then stopped drinking then stopped.

now he has stopped moving from his chair.

I think soon he will stop.

its very sad.

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