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down the smoke

I'm down souff near that London on a course. I wanna go home, I'm not even thrilled by the pubs here, they are all full of wankers. I do like having no car though.. have made a definate desicion to get a bike when I go home coz apart from Hols to the island there is no real need for me to drive at all, I may give it a 3 month trial and if its still ok and not a drag peddaling to work I may sell the car. I might just change my mind if it rains alot :-)

I have no music in my head, this is very strange, I always wake up with a tune going round in my brain but today ...nowt. this is not good

My arms and legs are giving real gip at the moment, they just hurt in random places for random amount of time..

The sooner the doc man gets a look the better, its been going on for too long now and I'm tired of it.

spoke to bloke on the course whos big idea in life it to invent a "cloudburst RYOHYPNOL bomb" so he can fire it over a town then run in quick and shag as many women as possible, a bit radical.... His other plan is to make a "Bullies reunited" webpage as he quite rightly says, all the ex victims now have much more than dinner money to extort!

Oh well back to work

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