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pleasurable pedestrian

Well then, I went for a walk yesterday and it was good! I just pottered about for 4 0r 5 miles then went home. I had forgotten the pleasure of having nothing to do but place one foot infront of the other, anyway good has come of it , I called a friend who I should call more often and we have arranged to go a do a rerun of the 100 mile walk we did in Scotland a couple of years ago. a whole week away from cars and strife. we can stay in pubs or the tent and it will be good. The shitty bit is that K cant come, she starts her new job the week before so its not the best idea for her to dissapear just then.

I think i shall get nearly as much pleasure from planning it as I will from the walk itself.

Any way we are off to the island next week for the best part of a week, I only have 2 night shifts to work than I'm on my hols,,,,

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