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am I an author now?

Whoo hoo! someone else read my diary!

well, its no big thing really, but its a new thing for me and guess what, The puppett likes new things.

Its my last shift for 3 days today which I reckon means its weekend for me which I also means its the pub tonight..

took delivery of a monster drill today its huge and meaty, its very embarrasing that I can get so excited by power tools, I was even pleased when my old drill burnt out last week coz it meant I could get a new BIIIGGGG one.

So then, what else do I know? We went to see my chums down the big city on Monday night, and ended up in the gay sector, its a good place, My old friend fell out of the closet aged 42 and it was funny coz when he told us all, it was no surprise to anyone and he thought we would all be shocked.

anyway I have rarely seen such a change in a man.

in the days of closetness he was an angry soul who always had a rant bubbling underneath with the thinnest skin of calmness resting on the top. the slightest nudge would cause him to spill like an upset vase.

now he is so chilled with an air of contentment about him, he smiles a lot too.

anyway we had a few beers with the lads and watched the transvestites strolling up and down, they look a sight but hurt no one and seem to enjoy themelves.

then we went home to bed.

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