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another weekend gone

Not a bad weekend really,

sack full of kids again, but no great trauma

went to see spiderman, one of the neat things in it is watching how they have made him fly then stop in a position that looks exactly like a frame from the original comic book!

I do seem to bleed money from my wallet when the kids are with me, I give their mum a pile of wonga each month but it never seems to filter down to them, I mean they are 14 and 15 now and she wont give them any pocket money, they have to beg for what they need on a one off basis, the poor sods cant even get a saturday job coz they come to see me every other weekend. I give them what I can but its not enough.

My divorce is going nowhere, it just stopped when she said so. also my application to the child support agency has stopped too.

did you know only the mum can make it happen?, If I apply they will ask her if it's ok and if she says NO then that the end of it, so much for fair play.

I want to give mrs ex less money so I can take the difference and pay it straight into the kids bank accounts, it wont be a huge difference to her but should improve the kids ability to buy clothes etc.

Had wild sex last night, K is without doubt the worlds bestest kisser,we just kissed for ages and it was driving me insane with desire. It can't be bad when its that good after 3 1/2 years.

oh well, another 60 odd hour week this week......be prepared for endless bleating when I get tired at the end of the week :-)

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