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bye bye shifts! (maybe)

So on the guestbook ballot its 2 votes for poor and happy, 1 vote for better off and miserable.

Thanks for the ideas peeps!, any way I reckon I'm gonna do normal days again, I will seem funny having time to do stuff after going to work!.

another illustration of things you miss when on shifts, K's girlies made us both brekky in bed this morning and I missed out coz I was comatose asleep having only been in bed for about an hour. Doh! it was a nice thing for them to do anyway, cant see mine doing it!

Anyway I sent them a bloody TXT message to say thanks, its not TXT its TEXT how short of time do you have to be to not have the time to press E ?

not great deal to add today having mostly been asleep, currently reading "In Cold Blood" by the top banana of groovy names "Truman Capote"

I have a friend who works in the USA a lot and he had a boss called "Blaine Goldenshoe" we dont have names like that in England the best we can do is "Albert Postlethwaite"

oh yeah, I forgot. minor celeb thing...

saw somoeone from Coronation St going for a piss in a public loo on Saturday. My, how we live.....

did a wotsit am i am....

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