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survey day

Today was mostly asleep,phoned the Child support peeps who have had my completed forms for 2 months (after demanding them back INSTANTLY) but the dozy pleb I spoke to said "I avent ad time to luck at um yet" (this is an attempt to write how this gormless twat talks) If nothing heard by Monday its a letter to my local Member of parliament, failing that a trip to the child support office with baseball bats and really hungry dobermanns

Democracy or anarchy would both do the same job here.

I just made up a survey, coz I'm at work so have been paid to do it! go fill it in!


I also managed to get the charlatan Insurance Co to finally pay me mam the money she lost when her hol was cancelled, toss pots.

its all a bit snipy tonight, one thing that did make me laugh was a link that K sent me from the bbc news web site, a UK honeymoon couple booked 2 tickets to Sydney on the internet only to end up in some dire mining town in Nova Scotia. They thought when they landed that they were going "the long way round" coz the tickets were cheap, they didnt even flinch when after landing at Halifax Nova Scotia they were transferred to a 25 seat turboprop plane for a 25 minute flight. tee hee! coz nobody back home will take the piss. check it out yourself. link to bbc site

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