PUPPETTS MOOD is ...... fucked off

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see "puppets mood is......."

by my reckoning its about mid December today, why is that? I hear you ask.

Because I've been to bed about 6 times today.

That is really, thats the memorable bit of my life to look back on. The day I went to bed several times

Wooooo! live fast die laughing, thats me.

just been home for my midnight lunch break, K was asleep on the settee.So I tickled the stripey cats belly with a chopstick. she seemed to like it.

The "league of gentlemen" is fabulous, its the only comedy I know that can scare my son.

Tina Turner is on the radio, the woman just shouts, thats not singing its shouting to music.

I've bitten my little finger nail until it bleeds, no salty snacks for me today.

my van has a new starter motor.

this entry is dull, I feel dull, I have no spark.

I have nothing to write about coz all I have done is worked and slept.

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