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Well guess who is back on nights then? That will be me…

This morning after working until 07:00 I had a hospital appointment at 10:30 in Sheffield to see if the hurty arms& legs thing could be sussed out.

I was in zombie mode after having only 90 minutes sleep so K said she would drive me there. Anyway I got there and had to go to floor “N”.

I thought it was a bit radical having floor letters instead of numbers. In fact I asked one of the nurses in the lift if they ever got in the lift and visited every letter in their names in order to pass a slow shift but she just looked at me like I was potty.

Anyway the test was to shove little needles in my limbs and pass elecy currents through them. This made me twitch about in a most amusing manner.

So we shall see what the doctor-with-the-long-name makes of it all.

Then I went home and watched 20 mins of THUNDERBIRDS before retiring to bed, it was the one where Lady Penelope has dyed her hair black (handy hint for chaps, at no stage in your relationship admit to fancying a woman puppet, it will NOT be forgotten, in fact the same applies to cartoon rabbits)

I then zzz’ed until five o’clock until it was work time again.

K had her 3rd cd/radio fitted today (the previous 2 being removed by the local scally-bastards) so its going to tuneymungus in the K-mobile….

Right then its donner kebab time!

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