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body imange

Having just read lizardspaces entry on body image I thought I would steal the subject with my own thoughts.

When I was married to EX she was obsessed with her weight, the fact that she weighed in at around 8 stone (112 pounds) was of no concequence, in her mind she was gross to such an extent that when she got change to go to bed she could actually “get undressed with her clothes on”, a strange contortion that involved putting on her jim-jams BEFORE removing her clothes. Then wriggling out of her clothing like Mr Houdini. All so I didn’t see her naked flesh.

Now contrast this to my K, K is not a skinny little waif, she is a curvy gorgeous woman with the female form that goes in and out in all the places that women should go in and out. She worries that she is too overweight. (after all the media does bombard us with skelington women) but when she is naked with me she is naked and free. She looks wonderful with clothes on but believe me when she removes her clothes the effect is magnified tenfold, people only get to see the bits of her that stick out of her clothes, I on the other hand get to see the whole picture.

It’s a masterpiece.

When she is free of her clothes and we are together none of all that media shite counts for anything. I am in the best place I could be and K is confident and happy with herself and with me and its great.

“she’s a soft naked woman love meant her to be” --- L.Cohen

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