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I really looking forward to this sneaky mouse-generated hol. The fact is that Iíve been so busy recently working that I think Iíve maybe neglected K a bit. Not in a mean way but in a sort of ďrun through the room Ė are you ok?-run out of the room way.

It will be good to spend some time together where Iím not in a rush and K has a small chance of de-stressing herself. She went to collage to enrol today and they gave her a letter saying that even though she got ALL distinctions, they were so impressed with her quality of work that they wanted to recognize her efforts and abilities. Which was nice, Ha! I got the clever gorgeous wife!

Anyway I have booked her a 1 hour body massage as a treat on Thursday.

So my day today, dull and mudane but busy, slept till 13:30 (night shift finished at 07:00) got up, drank 3 pints of tea, made the following phone calls

K---- said good morning

Mum---- got noodles spends in the post , thank you.

Divorce court--- please send me the letter so I can hand it to the EX , sorry she is fucking around

Customers--- blah blah, pipes and fittings etc

Went to plumb centre, got some sink brackets for the worst job in the world

Went home chased the cooking fats all over the house in an attempt to stuff them into a box so they could be taken to the vets, for the costly injections they need once a year. The furry bastards ran me a merry old fucking chase. I basically had to flatten the hissing growling spikey black one against the floor. Anyone got a sack-brick-canal I can borrow.

The injections were 44GBP and there must have been 2 cc of fluid in each syringe.. what the hell do they inject? Pure heroin?

Took the cats home and glared at them for a while

Went to the job from hell, brackets donít fit coz the punter bought some wanky cheapo Spanish toilet and sink, 3 week order to get the right bracket.

Went to Kís mates and connected her washing machine, did it as a freebie. Took 5 mins. She was eating pizza and beans. Wedge of pizza in a sea of beans..

Went to work (the other job) to start a 12 hour night shift, shift-mate is hyper and wont hush up, he is revved and trying to do everything at once. Driving me bonkers

Went home for lunch at 22:00 basically to see K as other wise it will be 3 days since we saw each other. Crazy! I get in the house as she leaves and then the other way around.

Eat kebab meat and salad (still atkinsing)

Went back to work, fucked about with servers its now 02:42 and the sun is still in bed

Wish I was

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