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I've been away

Coo! Its been 10 days since I updated, Iíve been a busy wee Dunc and for the last 4 days have been working away in Manchester on a big job.

I killed two birds with one stone and stayed at Exís house to look after the kids while she went to visit her bruvver in that London.

It was a bit surreal sleeping on her bed. And I think the whole thing perturbed K a little. And to be honest I didnít like it much myself. Still it saved me driving for 4 hours a day.

The good news is me and K have had some top quality wriggles over the last few days. I did a fine job of grabbing the wrong end of the stick with a death like grip.

The thing is as the dark nights have drawn in K has been VERY down, and I thought as she was so pissed off the last thing she would want was a game of Mr-willy-hides-his-hat (when I get depressed my libido leaves town) So I didnít try to jump on her and desisted from groping her at every opportunity.

This was however the wrong track Ö.. K though I didnít love/desire her any more which pissed her off even more.

Which makes me a numpty who should ask more questions sometimes!

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