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I lose my skin

I had a really intense odd dream today. I was just falling asleep again after going to the doctors and my arms and leggies were hurting me LOTS.

So I was lying there in the same position in my dream as I was in my bed and when I moved my knees up I began to slough my outer body away like a snake shedding its skin.

First my knees tore through then I pulled my feet out like dragging wellies out of thick mud. Then i arched my back and my abdomen and chest split away allowing me to slide out my arms until all that was left to do was to pull my head out, it was just like pulling off a wetsuit hood.

My body was now new and fresh and as light as a feather , I could hover and perform somersaults in the air, was young again and clean and free of all burden.

I looked down at the tired old skin below me and wondered how it ever got to be in such a state.

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