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I should be in bed, its sunday at 07:00

am. and I should be asleep.

instead i'm here at work pretending to be working.

K treated us to a curry from the indian last night, it was very nice but this morning my insides are making the same kind of noises that the dishwasher in my old house made. in fact its the same noises the dishwasher made just prior to emptying itself on the kitchen floor in its death throes.

I read

kathmccall yesterday with the story of the exploding fridge and how a fellow diarlyand bod got a whip round going to buy a nice new one for her, that was a heartwarming tale, there a loads of nice people about but the media always seem to focus on the rotten stff that humans do to each other.

I would suggest that maybe the tv news could try putting "happy" items on but I know that doesnt work, "news at ten" do it at the very end of each bullettin and it is usually so sugary and sweet it makes me cringe.

I think maybe the best plan is to avoid media news and just work off my own experience of people which on the whole seems to pan out as

99% people = basically good

1% people = tossers

with odds like this it usually pans out right, I just avoid the 1% people once I have categorised them.

need more tea....

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