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curry tonight!

Its just me and the kids this weekend, K has gone to stay with a mate in coventry, anyway the groovy thing is that I just called her and Neil has asked her to be his "best woman" at the wedding gig.

I thought this was a really nice touch,and to be honest I'm quite suprised. Neil is a really nice chap but I kind of got the impression that he would be very conservative (small c) and the fact that he is breaking with tradition has only raised my opinion of him, Ok I know its hardly a revolution but way to go Neil!.

I wonder If K has realised she's gonna have to organise a stag doo? in fact there is probably a speech to be had in this somewhere....

Me and the bairns are of to the indian later to eat bum burning curries, I am so tediously predictable, I will read the menu for ages then decide on a chicken madras. I do it everytime and it annoys me the curry is HOT and I'm DULL.

Todays rant is toward the advertising industry, "this house proposes that advertisers talk bollocks"

I just watched an advert for shampoo for people with ... wait for it... REBELLIOUS hair.

I cant remember the brand so HA! that worked.

whats next? cornflakes for people with "military junta" mouths?

Oh before I go I'm well impressed with the-bijou s diary. He/she (sorry no idea which) does wicked film reviews. The really good thing is he/she has done two for me by special request within a day!

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