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it went bang!

On Sunday I shoved the kids on the train to go back to there mums (they were going to arrive at 12:15 and the lazy cow said that it was too early for her to get her lazy arse out of her bed and collect them from the station so they had to get the bus) (hmm.. subnote, to many lazy's there).

She works 20 hours a week and think she has it rough, 20 hours! I'm doing 60 this week, giving her half my money and she still whinges, lazy cow.

I reckon I could do handstands in 2 foot deep cowshit for 20 hours a week and still think I was onto a good thing.

So I went out to play nice with my luverly model helicopter, all went well until I blew the engine up. Doh, my sexy red engine has no big end bearing. At one time I would have resolved the situation by jumping up and down on it,then backing my car over it before sulking for the rest of the day.

instead I just shrugged it off and went home to dismantle it.

I was quite impressed! maybe I'm getting mellow in my old age.

K is in warp7 worry mode about my arms and legs not working right, I came home from work last night and she was having a kip on the bed, I had to rush upstairs when I heard her whimpering in her sleep and woke her up in floods of tears, she was inconsolable for about 5 mins. She was dreaming I had died, and was not very happy about it.

It was the most intense dream I have ever witnessed from the outside!

Anyway K's bruvver has very kindly offered to arrange for my mind probe to be done in his hospital in the next couple of weeks,which was very nice of him. I was a bit concerned that either someone would get in trouble or that some poor old granny would be pushed into the car park to make room for me. but apparently its not the case, I get to bring pens from work, he gets mind probes!

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