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all kinds of things afoot

ooo I have so many things in the air just now, and with the finess of a circus act I have thrown them all ever so high and turned my back on them. Some may fall to the ground while others will no doubt go tits up.

but I might catch a few

First job, I might go see the boss and ask to be made redundant tomorrow, this gives me over a years pay,clear all debts go get a "menial" job. I dont like the phrase menial job coz I am really pleased that someone takes away all my dustbins/turds etc. just coz its unpleasant dont make it menial.

second divorce, listen Mr solicitor that fucks me over for 50 a month and does NOTHING, get on with it or do a refund.

third, finance with EX, screw you, give me half the money, its only fair you got the house. cow!

fourth brain scan, just do it and tell me , if its poo I will manage. I got a woman wot loves me and thats good enough. She keeps me sane so we will be alright.

5th Child support agency, well If i have no job you cant take my money now can you! "Cash will be fine Mr customer sir, infact you get a discount"

But on a more relaxed note, ( i do feel very relaxed about all this) K ravished me again tonight,she is a wild sex goddess. Ha! I get to have sex with her whenever I like and nobody else does. thats 10 zillion lucky points to me.( I know this sounds like captain macho talking but if the truth be know,my poor ageing body sometimes just cant keep up with her...)

thanks for all your guestbook entries, its a treat when peeps write stuff in there.

Right then, been paid, gonna send andrew some dosh now for a years supergold.

I might pinch inarticulate's idea and set up a "crazy relatives" web ring.

I seem to have "pre action tension" just now waiting for all of this to burst.

"pre action tension" was a phrase I used in my early twenties to describe the hyped up semi-twitchy frame of mind I found myself in just before the man turned up with the speed. well no drugs now but I want all this to just go BOOM!

goodnight from the Rev Puppet. who is not a flirt!

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