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A grand weekend

Well after all this doom and gloom I've just had a really nice weekend, I dont mean "NICE" in the derogatory way. I really did have a good time doing not a great deal.

I booked 2 shifts off work and me and K just did not a lot, but we did it together.

Yesterday we had some slippy sex, got up, eat bacon butties, went into town, booked a weeks hol in spain for K and the girls (I'm a stay at home Puppett coz I cant really afford it, plus K and the girls can have some time together without me in the way, moaning and wanting to do bloke stuff. Also It will give K some space to realise that she can cope quite well without me, which will hopefully help to build up some confidence)

The we went to the pub and had a couple of pints, watched a filum (Enigma, pretty poor, its a love story and I thought it would be a geeky docudrama type thing) Then we played scrabble and frustration with K giving me a drubbing at both.

So as I say a dull entry but a very nice time!

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