PUPPETTS MOOD is ...... soooooo tired (again)

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some peeps have been good enough to do my survey and as requested by felibhat i shall do some analysis later of the results.

The BIG disapointment is that nobody else sneezes if they stand barefoot on cold concrete, I dont know, next thing you will be telling me is that having a finger wiggled in your ear doesnt make the roof of your mouth tickle.....

I made a new dull banner to replace the other

whaddya think?

I've managed not to rip anyones head off yet, mind you i have only set eyes on about 10 people in the last 4 days and I did send a snotty email to the prissy little girl who sits in my seat at work during the day, the mardy-arsed cow moves all me stuff coz she thinks its "her" desk.. I think the Email went something like

"Waaa waaa waaaa you big baby,grow up"

well that was the gist of it.

Not looking forward to the pre-arranged argument with EX tommorow, it seems funny how she used to really scare me in fights coz she was smarter than me but now I can just invoke the good 'ole "fuck you" clause. I still dont like to fight but sometimes you just have to.

todays "wot a pleb" thing is that I only realised I had spellllled "puppett"

wrong a short while back, maybe coz I can be a Muppett.

todays "holy grail" find an empty cattery for next week, I keep threatening the old "sack, brick and canal" combo but the cats just laugh in my face,bastards.

(hmmm, note, do they have canals in the USA? must check)

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