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had the scan done

apologies first, sorry if this goes on forever but my puter at home is poorly,I offered to buy it a comic and a colouring book but is still says it not up to it and can it have a new power supply please?

So this makes me a "waged" author, coz I'm doing this at work so I get paid! whoopedoo!

So weekend, Friday I went to see EX to have a big fight about money (soorry to use the"M" word again) but there was no fight to be had, she started to argue but when I said NOPE! she just backed down and we sorted it like growdy up people, a compromise was reached, she is happy , I'm ok, so please give it up for K the woman who drowned me in love until I realised I was able to tell the wicked witch that she could goway!

thats one less thing to worry about!

Sunday, we all went to Blackpool, The land of high roller coasters, vomit slicks and "kiss me quick" hats. we had a good day, all 4 kids got on really well, I was knackered and went to bed first, and fell fast asleep, a bit of a pisser coz I was going radish K, Doh!

Monday We went to see K bruvver who is currently esconsed (10 points for big word) in a flat in an old mill feeling a bit sorry for himself. having had his marriage collapse, well it didnt really collapse it just kind of shuffled away while he wasnt looking.

Now he wants it back but cant be arsed to go find it, one phrase "TELL HER YOU LOVE HER, AND TELL HER YOU ARE SORRY!

then it was time for the long awaited brain scan, a pleasant enough experience if a little womb like, well I suppose it would be womb like if you were begat of a 12 cylinder diesel engine.

Now its the long wait for the results,,,, this is worse than before coz now somone may know whats going on but they are not telling me yet until consultant type peeps can be "forced off the golf course" (pinched from la-the-sage, thanks :-) to look at them.

Now then, I know this may result in at least 20 "big soft bastard" points, but all this morning I thought I was going to cry, proper leaky eyes boohooing.

No idea why I just felt close to tears, you know like when you were watching BAMBI and they shot his mam.

anyway its passed along now and I feel fine..

in the meantime I will be away from all my diaryland chums for a week coz I'm away to the island and naked-desire is off to sunny spain,

see yall soon !

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