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Here we go!!!!!!

I was sat sitting here in sunny England today having a small quandry closely followed by a big decision.

The small quandry was "to update or not update" I enjoy diarylanding but as I have struck up some rappour with various peeps on both sides of the Atlantic I get the impression that K is feeling threatened by it, It doesnt help that nearly all the diarys I read are written by women. I didnt plan it that way its just how its landed, on the other hand K likes to read my diary so what to do? think I will do this update and have a chat tomorow,....

The BIG desicion is that I have written to my boss asking to be made redundant,My plan is to start myself up as PUPPETT HEATING AND PLUMBING"

which is really going back to my roots, I longed to do computer support, and I've done it but I've had enough now,I like to see people and all I've seen for the last couple of years is my monitor.

Its a big step as the money is good, but carpe diem and all that,I dont want to get old and sit there thinking "I did the job for n-years but hated it so here we go!

wish me luck!

Now then its time for PUPPETTS HOUSE OF YUK! I have been trying to take a photo of my hand but my webcam isnt up to it. While I was working on the house on the island I was too bone idle to move the ladder so reached toooo far to screw in a 3" screw, the result was the power driver slipped, went into the back of my hand (between my thumb and first finger) then appeared out of the front. This resulted in me practising my swearing and having to switch the drill to reverse to remove it, when I did the bit was covered in what can only be described as "meat".

so I have a short term body piercing!

ADDED LATER Just talked to K and she has told me that she likes me to diaryland and not to be so soft... so thats sorted too.

Todays dickhead moment was..... walked into the kitchen carring a mug of tea and my mobile phone, In a moment where the sequence got confused I put the mug on the worktop and threw the mobile into a bowl of hot soapy water.. Its now jiggered completely. I just hope the phone never rings when I'm ironing.

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