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Prezzies! and its a long one! get coffee!

So after an enjoyable 2 mile walk home from work at 06:45 (my car is poorly), I went to bed to be awoken at 10:00 by the post man delivering my burfday prezzie from K. and like a well behaved Puppett who is after all middle aged, I did not tear it from its AMAZON box in a "GIMMMEE" frenzy but left it alone until K came home for her dinnoh (or lunch as you none mancunian peeps may call it.

It was well worth the wait, There was a copy of PULP FICTION on DVD to replace the VID that was eaten by the machine. and best of all a boxed set of 1940-50 EALING comedies.

This will give me hours of happy. they dont make you fall about laughing like say Eddie Izzard but instead are a slow burn, I just smile inside for an hour and a half.

the filums are....

Kind Hearts and coronets

The man in the white suit

The Ladykillers

The Lavender hill mob

So all in all a top prezzie from the woman who loves me.

Seeing as I slept for most of the day I think I shall write about meeting K.

Dont tut! (or click!) its a nice story...

I was sort of married, but had not even kissed EX for about 4-5 years and despite trying to get her to go to RELATE with me she was not interested in improving our relationship,I slept on the settee. so I set myself a date of 1 jan. if it was still shite by then I was leaving.

anyway during my work doing computer deskside repair visits I met K, we got on well but I didnt think it would ever come to anything.

anyway one day I was sat by her side and our hands kind of brushed together, I swear I have never felt such an intense rush of SOMETHING, it was warmth and lust and basically CONNECTION of some sort, it took my breath away and I finished what I was doing and wandered off in a daze.

Then on the 21 of December it was the works doo, I got a ticket (after being reminded by K) and bumped into K in the pub, we kissed and she left with her friends however in the club we met up again and never left each others side all night, we talked and talked and when we left each other we agreed to meet for lunch the next day. we went to

a pizza place and pushed food about whilst smiling and being soppy.

We didnt sleep together, but we were together whenever we could be. for the 4 days till christmas.

I told K I loved her after about 3 days, I didnt want to tell her incase she thought I was a nutter but she made me tell.

anyway, on xmas day I made my one and only furtive phone call of my entire 13 year marriage, I sneaked out to phone K to wish her a happy one, and guess what, I got caught, I couldnt have an affair if I tried, I'm just shite at sneaking around.

Anyway I just came clean with the "I'm in love bit", dodged the flying crockery

(ex didnt see that we had a problem, after all she was happy enough, I did all the running around and she watched QVC) and left on the 1 Jan.

This all sounds quite easy but it was the most gut renching,painfull experience of my life. (I couldnt eat for 3 months and lost 2 1/2 stone(30 odd pounds))

And we have been together ever since, we dont fall out very often and when we do it gets patched up quickly, K loves me despite my 10 zillion irritating habits and she has mended my head, and I love her warmth and looks and sex goddessness and smile and kissylips and a thousand other things about her.

I still dont like prawns though.

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