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Thats better!

Another early start this morning with a bonus at dinner time, K came to work and picked me up, then she took me home for some naked romping before bringing me back to work with a post coital smirk! Marvellous.

Just been on the phone to our friends up on the island, they have spent the morning up on the moors collecting all the peats which were cut a couple months ago.

They have been left drying out and will now be collected and stacked behind the house, they will then be burnt and used to heat the house over the next year.


Burning peat gives off a wonderful smell and whats more its free!

with a bit of luck our house up there will be having its roof mended so lets keep fingers crossed, would you like to see a piccy of it? well here you go.

I liked it straight away because if you say to a child "draw me a house or you dont get chocolate for a week" they would draw this!

Many thanks to kitchenlogic for telling me all about Ho-Ho's, this cross-culture thing can be a a bit tricky, Do americans eat Black pudding?

If not I can have a whale of a time explaining what in it!

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