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I went on a milk float

My but I'm dull, I can think of nowt to write here, I may have to resort to some old weary anecdote from my past, should we all get together in 2020 for the "diaryland reunion" I will be struck dumb, you already know everything interesting or amusing that I have to say.

yesterday I went to work, juggled some pipes and came home having cocked up the estimate I worked for about 5GBP per hour, lesson learnt there then! I did purchase a very nice new blowlamp that has its own ignitor, I was then embarrased on my own for being excited about it.

last night I watched the 2nd part of the programme about Ernest Shackleton, which was nice. Then I went to bed and slept fitfully owing to a runny nose (yuk)

I feel very old.

I dont like stuffed animals,they give me the willies,I used to know a lad who used to collect interesting road kill in a freezer in his garden ready for stuffing.

he scared me too.

I like being able to see my exhaled breath on cold days.

All the schools I attended have been demolished.

I've never touched a live fish

A donkey once bit me

A seagull once stole my cornetto, I was very scared, still am.

When I was a small child I had a tricycle, one day I was bored, so whilst sat on the bike I poked my 2 index fingers into the handlebars which were made from tubular steel. Then they got stuck, My mum tried to pull them out using soap but they were not going to move, then the nieghbours joined in, still stuck.

The milkman arrived and he tried, in the end it was decided that we needed a fireman to get me free, so me and my bike were lifted onto the back of the milk float and taken to the fire station. I think I cried coz I wanted to wave at the crowd outside our house but I couldnt as my fingers were stuck In the end of my handlebars.

The firemen were nice and got me free using more soap and stuff dribbled into the bottom of the handlebars.

Then I went home with my mum, she didnt even tell me off.

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