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post wedding

yesterday got off to a rotten start but then got a lot better. I drove to the wedding with the small girlies in the car, the weather was appalling, there was so much spray on the motorway that the windscreen wipers didnt clear the screen despite being on the "go like fuck" setting.

Then I got lost, then I got unlost but arrived with seconds to spare, and K shouted at me for being late, I was wound up enough already so being rebuked didnt go down well at all, I fact it made me seeth (is that how you spell it ?).

Anyway, Realising that I was pissed off but not pissed off enough to wreck K's day I suggested that we "start again" cos K was just as wired as I was (she being the best man and having to do a speech and all).

SO we did start again, and had a fine day, K did her speech and knocked em dead! she delivered a speech of just the right length,just the right mix of humour and heartfelt best wishes, at exactly the right pace.

I was very proud of her and very proud that I was her man.

Anyway a number of beers and a large amount of dodgy music later we went to bed.

We had a bit of a "post mortum" and I know that K is worried that this relationship is not shaping up exactly as she would like, I think its 99 percent right but there are one or two things she isnt happy about, for example she said I wouldnt have yelled at my EX like that, and she is quite right I wouldnt, but this is a different relationship, If Ex and I had argueued like that I would have said nothing but also I would NEVER have attended another function with her. thats how I used to deal with stuff, If I had a situation that I didnt like, I would just refuse to do it again.

Now its different, with K yes, We might have something to address but it gets dragged out and resolved. so nobody has to fester about it. done and dusted,resolved and happy.

Coo! I didnt expect this entry to get all deep!

anyway it was a good day, we just managed to get breakfast at the hotel (last people there) if we had been any later we would have got mixed up with the luchtime crowd, and the idea of having gravy on my bacon didnt appeal. we drove home and I spent the afternoon in bed coz its nights again tonight.

Ex has been reading Boo's text messages on her phone ( not a thinng I approve of) and it seems that my girlies botfriend cant wait for the hols so he can get a wriggle on with her..... Hmmm, I have suppreesed the urge to beat him with an iron bar and instead I'm going to talk to Boo which will no doubt gross her out but tough.

My line will be one of, yes if you want to have sex then do so, she is after all growing up, but :-

1, dont feel pressured by an adolescent boy who is driven by his bollocks

2,dont EVER have sex without contraception, and even if you go on the pill, USE A CONDOM!

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