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what ho!

For the past 3 days I have hardly been out of the house but have spent many happy hours re-reading most of the berti wooster/Jeeves books. These are seriously funny (My fave is "the code of the woosters") but have the unhappy consequence of making me talk like a 1920's toff, dontcha know? I have said "splendid" at least twice today and have even been know to pipe up with the occasional "Golly"..

These are of course mixed up with the usual 1970's mancunian "fucker" and "twat" So I now appear to be a split personality touretter.

The main highlight of the weekend has been some earthshatteringly groovy afternoon romps with K, I would tell you more but that would be "bandying a womans name about" (see I'm off at it again).

My amazon order came on Friday including "melanies greatest hits" (thanks for the pointer joistmonkey) its full of gentle hippy shit which I love, I must have been great to be old enough to truly believe that a movement for peace could change the world (i was only 6 in 1967 so not really paying attention. LEGO was more my thing and thats never going to save the world, I think "the war of the red bricks" would be the final conflict).

Well my Chums list is a pretty red colour so I'm off to have a read. Ta-ta for now old-bean.

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