PUPPETTS MOOD is ...... loaded with pizza, empty of tea, full of shit.

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when I nod my head, hit it!

I dreamt (I know, I had this dream updates make DULL reading) that I could smell the fresh air in scotland. I'never smelled (smelt?) a dream before.

so its new and its in here. thats it on the subject.

Poor K is a sicko, not in the chainsaw mayhem way but in the "human hotwater bottle way" she battles well (female trait) and hasnt as yet started to update her last will and testament (dunc trait).

I back at work doin nights so this entry may ramble on aimlessly, which would be a reflection on my usual self.

I've never been one for naked ambition, much preferring naked K, she does naked extremely well, her skin is her finest clothing, anything more is just a distraction from the soft smooth beauty beneath.

The mummyboard on my PC at home has now definatley gone splut! for the last time. So will have to try and get a new one tomorrow. if not it will be the new year before I get it mended. which is a pain in the arse time for it to die. bugger.

Still I managed the first 30+ years of my life without one so I suppose I should be able to cope without one for 2 weeks.

I wish I could draw, just little sketches with a pencil, but nope I can't. I think you either have it or you dont. Its like rhythm and music its innate not learnt. I can do music so I'll just live with that.

My doodles are mostly three dimentional boxes but my other one is a cute little flower with a butterfly next to it, I think of it as my "logo" and even do it when I sign cheques. It was updated slightly a couple of years ago when K suggested I modify the leaves to include my initials. a nice touch.

now I know I will get at least 27.6 on the "miserable old scroat-o-meter" here but really is xmas worth all the effort, it just seems to wind people up with a completely artificially imposed deadline, "gotta do by xmas " or everyone will not have a nice time.

The rules should be (gonna get all geeky here)

10 if age>16 goto 30

20 if age <16 print "get lots of toys" then goto 40

30 print "go see your mates, drink beer" goto END

40 print "watch TV, play with toys, go bed" goto END


there, that should do it.

=======a one act play======

God, So you tink you can write an entry as dialog do you.

Me, Yes I thought I would give it a try, I've cocked up already though. I missed the letter H from the word "think" in your first line and now everyone thinks you are a god from Ireland or the police chief from batman

God, Well take more care you fat mortal man, why are so such a fatarse anyway when I supplied you with celery to eat and other green stuff too.

Me, coz I move too little and drink beer too much, There is no underlying reason for the beer drinking I just like it. Were you having a wee joke with the celery? you know it tastes like crunchy rope with added used bathwater.

God, yes it is a bit grim, I put the healthy food francise out to tender and went with the lowest bidder from the "seventh circle co Ltd". ok then what do you want to happen to your body when you pop your clogs?

Me, I want the servicable bits to goto mend other bods, and whats left can be picked to bits by medical students then fed to the dogs.

God, in that case your final resting place could be on the sole of some shoe?

Me, who needs the taj mahal when you could be forever in the cleat of a vibram sole?

God, you should go to bed

Me, I cant I'm on nights.

God,well I'm off to bed, will the last one up turn out the sun?

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