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long live tatty rubbish

So the hols are nearly over and I'm dreading work tomorrow, its a big fiddle, we went away and got really chilled and now within 2 days of our return everyone is revved up again.

I think I should kidnap K and all the kids and just move us all up to the island.

me and my boy child (who to be quite honest needs to have a shave, he has developed a little bum-fluff moustache which he refuses to acknowledge) went to the crappy car boot sale today at 09:00am an ungodly time to be out on a sunday morning. It was minus 4 degrees when we set out (thats about a litre of coldness on the metric scale) and I can honestly say that I've never seen such a tatty collection of dross being offered as merchandise, it was great.

highlights include:-

1, second hand underwear (I at first thought "how desperate" but altered that to "how perverted" after watching the customers)

2, a half empty bottle of salad dressing

3, a pair of wellington boots with the toe sliced off one of them

Now I've been given some English translations to explain by animamea sort of local idioms that need some explanations

"Bint"= a not very complimentary word for a woman, to be used as an insult as in "dozy bint"

"a glass of bitter" = one large glass of traditional british beer, served in a pint glass at room temperature with no bubbles in it.

"pop your clogs" = To die, expire. no idea why, its something my mam says.

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