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thanks again!

First of all thanks muchley for all the comments/guestbook entries, you are all really nice peeps, for one, you didn’t tell me to shut the fuck up and enjoy all the good things I have.

I think as far as diaryland goes I should be banned from updating between the hours of midnight and six am, nearly every entry I do then is morose and maudlin (a popular music hall act?). I’m ok really.

So how was today? I did the sleep thing from 07:00 to 13:00, then I got up and made K a cheesey/hammy/mushy omlette (if the French “ette” mean “small/diminutive/female” is a fucking huge 10 egger just called an “OML”)

Then K went for a shower and I took the opportunity to catch her naked and go get a high quality wriggle on, in the middle of the day, on the middle of the bed, in the middle of her legs.

Then I went back to sleep for a couple of hours. Splendid…

And now I’m back at work. Listening to the red hot chilli peppers, which is ok in short doses but gets a bit lacking in variety after a while.

One of the chaps has purchased a new digital radio, and to be honest I’m completely underwhelmed by it, the compression that is used results in a very “clipped” sound. Must be a sort of bandwidth issue. The result is its like listening to radio via the internet or alternatively like listening to a radio through a telephone that is in a tin bucket at the bottom of a dried up well on a warm Sunday morning when you have a morning head from too much sauce on the Saturday night.

K is sat at home beavering away at her latest college assignment. It would be nice if they would give her the occasional multi-choice thing to do instead of 8000 word wotsits. 8000 words is far too many.

Anyway, thanks again you lot, if it ever rains money from the sky I shall organise a tremungus party and fly you all over to the uk to indulge in our rich cuisine. In other words it’s a bag of fish and chips each and a pint of stout!

Oh yeah! I broke through 8000 hits today, to whoever read 243 pages yesterday cheers!

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